Just because I’ve been eshewing the late-night pizza and munchy boxes of late, I still find myself eating at irregular hours from time to time so still need to avail myself of late night sustenance.



On one such occasion, I popped in to Concorde, a chipshop in Tollcross that I hadn’t visited for years.

The setting is much as you should expect with a simple counter set-up. There’s a sort of ramp and barrier set-up to manage the queue at busier times. It was a quiet midweek evening on my visit, though.

My eye was caught by a bean topped scotch pie sitting on the fryer display shelf. It looked equal parts majestic and horrific. I couldn’t resist. I added chips and brown sauce.

Beans atop pie on a bed of chips

Beans atop pie on a bed of chips

After pausing for slightly tricky photos, I munched as I walked.

The chips were the undoubted highlight, packing good crispness. They were surprisingly light, too, and were some of the better chips I’ve had in a while.

The pie was dirtily satisfying but not not the most sophisticated item in history. The pie’s crust was rather firm for having been in the fryer. The beans were beans.

So overall, I’m pleased to have added takeaway pie, beans and chips to the Lunchquest annals. I enjoyed its decidedly unhealthy charms and would be happy to eat it again. Concorde’s chips impressed me so I’d recommend them to you when next you feel the chippy urge.

Blythe scores Concorde
3.5/5 for food
2/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 12/20

I ate: pie, beans and chips

I wore: mainly black

Total bill: £3.95

Address: 51 Home Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh EH3 9JP

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Written by BKR