Wee Restaurant

The Wee Restaurant has built a treasured place in the Scottish restaurant scene from its North Queensferry premises. Indeed, my Roman pals Agnes and Massimo make sure to visit whenever they’re visiting these parts, and they are not alone in observing that ritual.



Shamefully, I’ve never been so I was delighted when they opened just around the corner from one of my regular drinking haunts, on Castle Street.

In the premises previously occupied by La P’tite Folie and Fleur de Sel, they’ve made a crackin’ good job of refitting the place with notably comfy chairs and a really good feel to the space.



I was joined by regular guest quester Freya. We’d both had the place in our cross-hairs for a while so it was good to finally visit.

A set menu and the full a la carte are available at lunchtime although there seems to be a strict policy of no mixing and matching, which seemed oddly inflexible.

Asparagus main

Asparagus main

Freya was lured in by the asparagus main course on the a la carte so opted just for that, adding a side of French beans, while I chose from the set menu. I opened with the smoked ham hough terrine then followed with the mackerel.

My starter soon arrived looking much as expected. I’m not the world’s biggest terrine fan but it’s always a good judge of the kitchen’s skills – one which Badger & Co totally failed, recently – so it was good to see such accurate crafting at work.



Main courses continued the standard. I wouldn’t have been too taken by paying £17.50 for a poached egg with asparagus and a dotting of gnocchi, but it was a high quality dish radiating seasonality.

My mackerel was smart work with pleasing, well-cooked fish, lightly pickled cauliflower and a veloute of pea and wild garlic.

So overall, the Wee Restaurant is doing fine work. You should make sure to take advantage of its convenient location and strong commitment to local, seasonal produce. You’ll find smart and comfortable surroundings and a menu of dishes that will please.

Blythe scores Wee Restaurant
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
4/5 for setting
giving an overall 15.5/20

Today’s questers were: Freya, Blythe

We ate: smoked ham hough terrine with sauce grebiche; asparagus, poached egg, ghocchi; mackerel, pickled cauliflower, wild garlic and pea veloute

We drank: water, vat of diet cola

We wore: blue, grey

Total bill: £40

Address: 61 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1LH

Written by BKR