Eastern Cuisine had been my go-to late night Chinese option for many years, so I was sad to see it close down, a few months back. It has recently been replaced by Sombrero, a Mexican takeaway open until 1am.



In full realisation that this is a place I’m likely to frequent when much ardent spirit has been taken, whether it’s good or terrible, I thought it best to give it a sober, early evening visit.

Promising “burritos as big as your head” I thought I might provide them with a bit of a challenge. As those who know me will attest I have a very large head both physically and metaphorically.

Disappointingly, no cranial assessment took place to tailor my burrito to size. Instead, I was taken through the tried and tested approach of loading whatever I fancied into a wrap case that was then rolled up tightly.



Now I should probably pause now to admit my complete antipathy to burritos in general. I tend to avoid reviewing them and have only found a few – Taquito, Miro’s Box, and Bonnie Burrito – that I’d strongly recommend in Edinburgh.

I’ve never been an Illegal Jack’s fan and what I recently tried at their new place did nothing to sway that, I really like the Los Cardos haggis burrito but that’s more because I love haggis than anything else, and the ones from Toro Loco in the Grassmarket are as bad as the pizza at sister restaurant Mamma’s.

Anyhoo, the one from Sombrero, with pulled pork, pinto beans, medium salsa, and sour cream was ordinary; inexpensive and ordinary.

So overall, I’ll be back to visit Sombrero when I’m hungry and smashed and will love it. The sober version of me will file it away under the same place I file most burrito places. If you like burritos and/or being drunk you’ll quite possibly love this place. As a lover of only the latter, I will always struggle to view it as anything more than functional.

I ate: pulled pork burrito

I wore: red trousers

Total bill: £5.95

Address: 2-6 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2BG

Written by BKR