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Duke Cafe

My idea of the perfect Saturday morning has increasingly become sleeping through the whole duration of it. I have to be alert on Sundays for the Archers’ omnibus but Saturday morning can be complete relaxation time. However for the past couple of Saturdays I’ve been up with the larks. This week it was for a trip to the Duke Cafe on Duke Street.



Promising “Dukelicious” breakfasts, our visit here was ALL CIARA’S IDEA. Ciara had previously joined on our Sour and Pickled Grubcrawl, contributing broken footwear amongst other things. Regular guest quester Amy was also with us as well as Maurizio and Holly.

Formerly Melinda’s cupcake cafe, these premises briefly traded as Frying Nemo in the interim. The cafe area is largely unaltered since the Melinda days with a fairly simple and bright interior.

Scrambled egg

Scrambled egg

The menu was all ridiculously inexpensively priced so it was hard to know what to expect. Amy and I settled upon the breakfast called “cocktail” which promised cocktail sausages, beans, egg and toast for £2.50. Ciara and Maurizio opted for the scrambled eggs with cheese and ham. Holly joined a little later by which time Amy and I had apparently eaten all the available cocktail sausages so she had to make do with an extra egg in place of the missing snags in her cocktail breakfast. This was far from the only thing not available on the menu.

There was a wee bit of a wait while things were prepared. When Ciara and Maurizio’s dishes arrived they were disastrously bad. The ham seemed largely to blame. It had a quite remarkably off-putting flavour, sort of dusty and stale with hints of the crypt. There was no way to eat beyond a couple of mouthfuls. Feedback was delivered to the friendly owner who knocked the cost of the dishes off the final bill.



Amy, Holly and I fared a bit better although this was scarcely mind-blowing stuff. The fried egg had a good oozing yolk. That was probably about the most positive thing to be said for the whole experience.

It was clear from the reaction of the owner that he was keen to improve and make his offering as good as possible. However, starting from the point of being comfortably the most incompetent place I’ve come across in the city the best advice would be to close immediately pending a complete rethink.

So overall, the Duke Cafe will live long in the memory and Dukelicious is a term that enters the Lunchquest lexicon for future judicious usage. The place will be closed very soon and sadly doesn’t merit your custom in the brief period when it will be trading.

Today’s questers were: Amy, Ciara, Holly, Maurizio, Blythe

We ate: cocktail (3), scrambled eggs with ham and cheese, pickled egg

We drank: tea, coffee, orange fizz

We wore: cat and cactus top, denims (2), action footwear, new coat

Total bill: £3.25 was my contribution

Address: 47 Duke Street, Edinburgh EH6 8HH

Written by BKR