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With most of my route-home takeaway options now exhausted, the world of delivery has taken over on the occasions when I need a late night feed. The latest of these involved pizza delivered from Aldo’s.



I’d tried them once before and been pretty impressed but the photos were a bit of a mess so that gave me an excuse for another try.

I stuck to my recent preference for ham and pineapple ordering their Hawaiian. I noted the option for it to be served with a stuffed crust. I’m a fan of pizza crusts so had never tried the stuffed crust method before, but tonight was the night. Including the delivery charge the pizza cost £9.40.

It arrived bang on time and I was soon tucking in.

It proved as good, if not slightly better, than the one I’d tried previously. I rather liked the stuffed crust as the cheese was of pretty good quality. The same goes for the topping. The base was slightly pillowy but with good external crunch.



So overall, Aldo’s looks to be a reliable takeaway and delivery pizza option. I’ve been impressed with their work on two occasions so would be confident in recommending it to you. Give them a call next time you feel the need.

4 stars 2

Address: Sighthill Shopping Centre, 487 Calder Road, Edinburgh, EH11 4AW

Written by BKR