Adelphi Kitchen – SADLY NOW CLOSED

Aberdeen! After following Our Beer Man’s recommendation and stopping in for a refreshing drink at Casc – what an excellent place – I was in need of sustenance before my train journey south. Using my usual aimless wandering method, I ended up at the Adelphi Kitchen which was buried away in a wee nook.



A little online research uncovered that this is a remodelling of a restaurant that has traded in the location for a little while. It has been shifted from a fairly conventional bistro-brasserie to a BBQ diner. This manifests itself in a smartish steakhouse feel – think Wildfire – that smells of smokehouse meats. It felt an odd mix but I got the sense it could be a successful combo.

From their early evening menu, which doubles as their lunch offering, I chose the house burger and a side of mac n cheese. I added a tin of lager.



The very friendly waitresses were soon delivering my items. The burger came with fries, slaw and some smoky barbecue sauce. The burger had good flavour and the brioche bun held things together nicely. The fries were pretty good and the condiments solid. It was pleasing stuff.

The mac n cheese was topped with onions that were neither crisp enough nor packed enough caramelised sweetness; they were just oddly chewy. The mac was decent without setting any heather alight.

Mac n cheese

Mac n cheese

So overall, the Adelphi Kitchen offers some interesting ideas and an intriguing twist on the BBQ restaurant. It served my needs very nicely, although there was some room for improvement. I’d come back for the burger or perhaps one of the dishes from their elaborate sounding specials board. I’d be happy to point you in its direction next time you’re in the granite city.

Blythe scores the Adelphi Kitchen
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: mac n cheese, AK burger

I drank: water, Pabst lager

I wore: grey jacket

Total bill: £18.50

Address: 28 Adelphi, Aberdeen AB11 5BL

Written by BKR