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I’ve been awarding a lot of high scores of late, but I’m pretty comfortable with that. My vast preference is to be constantly served excellent food that challenges my bank of superlatives.



I get that the negative reviews are hilarious but they tend to involve me having to eat piss poor food which I’d rather not do.

Anyhoo, here’s another very positive street food review, to continue the good run I’m on.

Zoopa has been trading for a few weeks offering a simple selection of dishes cooked on an eye-catching mobile army range. I caught them trading next to Barnacles & Bones, today, and they were along at the first Pitt of the year, too.

Today’s dishes were a venison stew (£4.50) and a yellow split pea soup (£2.50). I was hungry enough to try both.

Venison stew

Venison stew

I started with the soup and it was very good indeed. Packed with hearty vegetables and split peas, it was a real winner.

The venison stew had just a little too much sweetness from parsnip and carrot for my palette, but it was still packed with goodness and warming charm.

So overall, Zoopa is doing some very impressive work, with their soup particularly tasty. I look forward to sampling more dishes from their signature field kitchen in the future.

4 stars 2

Written by BKR