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Papa John’s

After a long day that didn’t involve much in the way of sustaining food, I ordered online for a delivery to await my arrival home. I chose Papa John’s as I’d never tried them and thought it was about time I did.



As is often the way with these large chain pizza places, the challenge is navigating the many “deals” that you are presented with on their website so that you actually end up buying something you might want to eat.

Once I’d established that the minimum order for delivery was £10.99, then noticed that you got 33% off for ordering online during the week, I saw a “premium Hawaiian” that looked pretty good so ordered that. It worked out to cost £11.38, which is really rather expensive compared to other late night pizza takeaways, but there we go.

Extreme pizza close-up

Extreme pizza close-up

It arrived promptly on one of their little scooters. I collected it from the man while I was still wearing my workaday weeds, including a nice tie from the Stones of Scotland range.

Sadly, the pizza proved rather underwhelming. The stodgy crust and base made for chewy eating and the toppings were ordinary. The accompanying garlic sauce had a cloying, almost coconut, sweetness to it. I was pretty disappointed. It was filling but dull.

So overall, Papa John’s isn’t one to add to your list. I’d previously only come across their work in the press, when their Leith branch had a volcanic dough situation. Tonight’s pizza did little to shift that hilarious cock-up from my mind and replace it with a positive dining experience.

2 stars 2

Written by BKR