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Munchy Box Strikes Back!

Yeah, so I’ve been hooked back into the world of munchy boxes. Here are another three for your consideration.

Chesser's Box

Chesser’s Box


Box contained: garlic bread pizza, chicken pakora, veg pakora, donner meat, onion rings, chips, sauces, bottle of cola

Rating: 4 stars

Total bill: £13 (£2 delivery)

The first box of phase two was my second delivery box, this time from Chesser’s. It also marked a return to the garlic bread pizza that had been so disappointing at Javit’s. I hoped it would be better this time.

The box was piled full with chips, lamb donner meat, onion rings, three veg and three chicken pakora, sauces and a big bottle of cola.

The garlic bread was entirely better than the Javit’s version and the chips were certainly the best I’ve had to date.

The onion rings were pretty good, too. The pakora were rather routine, as was the donner. The big bottle of cola was superfluous.

So overall, it was a solidly good effort from Chesser’s. I enjoyed the box, particularly the chips, and it provided two massive feasts across late night dining and a hangover busting breakfast the next day.

The Marmaris box

The Marmaris box

The Marmaris

Box contained: garlic bread pizza, chips, donner meat, chicken pakora, veg pakora, onion rings, salad, sauces

Rating: 3 stars

Total bill: £12 (£1 delivery)

Friday night is becoming a good fit for munchy box adventures. The pizza element is proving useful at chasing the immediate hunger, then the following day’s lazy start is greatly enhanced by some light grazing pakora fun.

This week’s came from The Marmaris, which I reviewed fairly recently. It’s a solidly reliable takeaway place.

This box brought together another garlic bread pizza, pakora, onion rings, chips, mushrooms, kebab meat, salad and sauces.

The garlic bread was decent without setting the heather on fire. The chips were rubbish, both when eaten hot to begin with and cold the next day. The reasonably good sauces swooped to the rescue to make the best of them.

The chicken and veg pakoras were the highlights as they were both very good. Some good plain mushrooms were a welcome addition, too.

So overall, the box from The Marmaris was a slightly mixed affair. These were comfortably the worst chips I’ve had in a munchy box, but most other things were a good deal better. I’m glad to have tried it, but won’t be rushing for a repeat visit.

Chilli Grill box

Chilli Grill box

Chilli Grill

Box contained: chicken, mushroom, veg pakora; tandoori chicken; donner meat; onion rings; chips; naan; salad; sauces; can of juice

Rating: 3 stars

Total bill: £9.45 (plus £1.50 delivery)

The “golden box” from Chilli Grill was my first venture into the world of the Indian munchy box.

It covered a lot of similar territory regular boxes, with chips, donner, pakora etc, but the interesting new feature were naan instead of pizza or garlic bread, and pieces of tandoori chicken. And my God, it was the heaviest box to date. It contained enough food for four to six people, comfortably.

Lowlights were the chips and onion rings which were pish, but everything else was really pretty good.

The naan was fresh and well made and the tandoori chicken, of which there was a good deal, packed a considerable punch.

So overall, the Chilli Grill box was a promising introduction to the Indian munchy box. It had some weaknesses but when it was good, it was very, very good. I’d order from here again and look forward to exploring more mountains of tandoori goodness.

Written by BKR