Life Story

It’s very hard to predict when you’re going to have moments of great revelation unless your name is Saul and you’re ambling towards Damascus. I had my coffee conversion in the Hula Juice Bar in October 2011.



The espresso that owner Susan Doherty made me that day was so different to all of the “coffee” I’d sampled before that moment that I was honestly unsure what it was I was drinking.

Many coffee adventures later, it was lovely to be able to visit Susan’s latest coffee enterprise on its first day in the shape of Life Story, the gift and lifestyle shop on Broughton Street.

The shop has been trading in its most recent incarnation for many months, but plans have been afoot to remodel it and install a small coffee bar. This has now come to fruition.

Espresso and cake

Espresso and cake

The Nordic aesthetic has been enhanced through an almost doubling of the shop’s space, with it now fully extending to the rear of the building. Their modular display and storage feature is extremely smart.

From a mini La Marzocco machine, Susan is serving coffees from London roastery The Roasting Shed. I sampled a first rate espresso (£2), which was accompanied by some gluten-free chocolate and pistachio cake. I was impressed.

So overall, Life Story’s new coffee offering looks to be starting life right on track. I wouldn’t have expected anything less, though, as Susan is one of Edinburgh’s smartest business brains with an approach and ethic that’s just great to be around. Make sure to visit soon.

5 stars 2

Written by BKR