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Edinburgh Bakehouse

I’d been a regular flyer-by of the Edinburgh Bakehouse with its bold above the door sign proclaiming “Everything Baked from Scratch”. I finally made it across their threshold on a lately taken lunchtime Thursday.



It was one of those gloriously simple visits: I wanted a pie; the counter woman was on the phone; the flour-caked-handed baker had to do the serving while rolling his eyes.

I was immediately drawn in by talk of a steak and gravy pie (£1). They had some in the warmer so my luck was in.

With item in hand, I wandered out into the sunshine of an Edinburgh afternoon.



The pie proved enjoyably good eating with profuse, flavourful steak mince in suitably saucy sauce. The pie-crust could have been a little crisper, but that detracted little from a very enjoyable pie experience.

So overall, I was glad to finally visit the Edinburgh Bakehouse. It served me a very good quality pie when that was just what I was looking for. I’d recommend stopping by when next you are in a similar mood.

4 stars 2

Address: 101 Newington Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1QW

Written by BKR