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British Airways – Glasgow to London



Never let it be said that I won’t squeeze a review out of the meagrest of pips. I do have some form for reviewing plane food and have even had the odd moan about shitty airports, but reviewing a bag of crisps is probably a new all-time high/low for me.

The crisps in question were delivered as part of the British Airways in-flight service during a recent trip from Glasgow to London. They were free and even my flight was picked up by the lovely folks at the University of Glasgow, so this was a rare treat for me.

From a Cambridgeshire family farm, Corker’s crisps, which carry the BA livery as the official potato-based snack of the world’s favourite airline, confidently proclaim that they were the first crisps launched into space.

It brought to mind fictional childhood days when I might easily have built a Wotsit-fuelled rocket that lightly grazed the thermosphere and claimed that honour decades before Corker’s succeeded in reality.

Anyhoo, the plain, ready-salted crisps were pretty good. Given that I’m terribly middle class, it had been a while since I’d eaten crisps without there being hummus, bean dip or smashed avocado (that most hipster of ingredients) involved, but this was a welcome sample of them in their native state.

So overall, Corker’s crisp did a good job of providing an unexpected airborne snack. I’m sure they’re available at ground level, too, so next time you’re looking for a potato treat that’s had a brush with astronomy, make sure to choose Corker’s.

Written by BKR