December 23, 2015 Review of the Year No Comments

Interior of Civerino's

Interior of Civerino’s

Welcome to our Review of 2015, a series of posts with a month by month review of what we’ve been up to over the last twelve months.

We start, today, with January which was an absolute blinder of a month.

Civerino’s got things off to a cracking good start, and there were first time visits to Bentoya and Reekie’s Smokehouse, both of which were frequent stops throughout the year and just keep getting better and better.

We had an excellent breakfast, one of the best of the year, at Rocket in Morningside. Our Beer Man had a grand old time at Spit/Fire.

Petits fours from Scratch Series

Petits fours from Scratch Series

The best place we went in January, and one of the highlights of the year, was Scratch Series, the excellent pop-up from Ben Reade and David Crabtree-Logan, of whom more in further monthly round-ups.

In less good news, Chimichanga was pretty disappointing, but it was nothing compared to our most popular review of the month, Five Guys.

Part of a series of posts we did on Glasgow’s “burger corner”, we had such an incredibly miserable time at Five Guys that it proved must-read stuff for our masochist readership. The review even got a mention in the Herald diary, of all places. I’ve since found many good places for a burger in Glasgow, so would caution you to choose them over Five Guys’ dubious charms.

Written by BKR