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This was not my first visit to Bobby’s Cafe, on Candlemaker Row. The first time I went I was accompanied by one of the stouter hangovers of the season and was frankly feeling like a battered corpse, and in need of something similar to that description to eat.

I crossed the threshold to be greeted by some very young counter staff for whom it soon emerged running the place was way beyond their abilities. I ordered their interesting sounding donner calzone. I was eventually presented with a plate of desiccated donner meat and salad.



I naturally had to question what the hell was going on. Their response was “is that not what a donner calzone should be?” When I described what it should be, they were like “oh, we don’t know how to do the pizzas.” Marvellous.

Much to my own discomfort I felt I had to crack out the “don’t you know who I am?” stick. I hasten to add this wasn’t along the lines of “I am the great and mighty Lunchquest, bow down before me,” but more along the lines of “I write about food. There are lots of peeps like me that post reviews online. If you persist with this approach to running your business it will never sustain.”

Anyhoo, late night hunger drove me once again to their door. This time they did at least manage to work out my order was, then the efficient counter man set about preparing my usual pepperoni mushroom pizza.

I took a seat at one of their tables and waited the few minutes until it was ready, then was on my way munching as I walked.

Sadly, it was still in the realms of disappointing fare as there was a curious lack of flavour from the rather shiny, plastic cheese and the tomato sauce lacked fruitiness. Questioning the seasoning represented a first for me on my late night pizza quests, as the one thing that pizzas almost always have is bags of bold flavour.

So overall, Bobby’s Cafe did a decent if unspectacular job on this visit, but it’s not a place I could really recommend. The first visit was a laughable comedy caper. There are many better options for late night or hangover chasing grub, both nearby and across the city.

Blythe scores Bobby’s Cafe
2/5 for food
2.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
2.5/5 for service
giving an overall 10/20

I ate: pepperoni mushroom pizza

I wore: Harry Potter scarf

Total bill: £7.40

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Written by BKR