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Quite how lucky we are in the city centre of Edinburgh, in terms of the fantastic and diverse provision of food options is often best illustrated by a trip to the west of the city, particularly the business parks around South Gyle. There’s just nothing there.

Well, nothing isn’t quite right. You have a choice of half a dozen chain restaurants in the Gyle Shopping Centre, you have the Ritz, a bar of questionable quality, and there’s a Greggs lurking here and there. Edinburgh Park offers one more option in the shape of local convenience store Naihas.

Bacon and egg roll

Bacon and egg roll

With a simple menu of breakfast rolls, soups and sandwiches this is pretty basic stuff, but such items can still be done to very varying degrees of quality. I was visiting at breakfast so ordered a bacon and egg roll. I also ordered espresso, but let’s not dwell on that error.

Grim view

Grim view

The counter chap was soon about freshly preparing the egg and bacon on a little grill. This was more than I expected. The roll soon arrived looking remarkably decent.

With a good, fresh, floury morning roll doing the encasement job very nicely, the filling comprised profuse thin and crispy bacon and a good egg. The yolk was cooked to firm, but as I often reflect when this happens this was probably a mercy for my ever-dwindling selection of non food-spotted ties. I was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.

As I toddled towards my meeting destination, I spotted a second branch of the business, which looked to be a bit smarter and more designed for sitting-in than the newsagent shop I’d chosen. The menu was exactly the same, though.

So overall, while Naihas did rather well in serving me a better than average breakfast roll, it did at the same time illustrate the dearth of provision in this part of town. There’s little doubt that a strong culture of packed lunches must exist within the nearby offices as it really is a dismal part of town, food wise. Still, if you find yourself here for an occasional meeting, as I do, Naihas will look after you more than adequately.

Blythe scores Naihas
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
2.5/5 for settting
3/5 for service
giving an overall 12/20

I ate: bacon and egg roll

I drank: espreso

I wore: black and brown pinstripes

Total bill: £3.40

Lochside Place

Written by BKR