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Today’s breakfast in Glasgow was taken at McDonald’s. No, not that McDonald’s; McDonald’s the bakers on Union Street.



On a thoroughly dreich morning it was definitely a sit-in experience I was after. On reflection that was probably a bad idea, as while I liked the food at McDonald’s, I didn’t overly care for the other parts of the dining experience. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The place offers both sit-in and takeaway, with different counters covering each of those aspects. I headed to the former and ordered up a bacon and black pudding roll. I added tea as my drink, as the Italian Aroma coffee that they serve is not a favourite of mine.



Service was curiously distracted and muted, which is highly unusual in the land of diamond banter. The interior was also pretty characterless and looked in need of a refresh.

My items were promptly delivered to the counter, where I collected them. The roll was particularly light and crisp and it was filled with very good bacon and tasty black pudding. It was the undoubted highlight of my visit.

The tea did its job. It left feeling just about equipped to face the slings and arrows of another joyful day.

So overall, the good food at McDonald’s was rather let down by lacklustre service and surroundings. Perhaps the downbeat weather was to blame. I’d happily come back again, but it would be as a takeaway customer, only.

Blythe scores McDonald’s
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
2.5/5 for setting
2.5/5 for service
giving an overall 11.5/20

I ate: bacon and black pudding roll

I drank: tea

I wore: black and pink

Total bill: £4.25

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Written by BKR