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Hungry in Gorgie. It could be the new Sleepless in Seattle, right?! Anyhoo, it accurately described my state as I wandered along Gorgie Road, early one morning.

The street isn’t short of diverse food shops and little cafes. I alighted upon Cafe Caledonia, which looked a likely spot.



The interior was quite smartly turned out in the usual greasy spoon cafe style. I was pretty clear that I wanted a breakfast roll, so gave the menu a quick check then ordered a bacon and haggis roll. I accompanied it with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Both items were soon with me, delivered by the friendly and smiling counter woman. The roll was left open so I could apply my condiments of choice to the items. With brown sauce added, I began munching.



A good, floury roll was generously filled with tasty haggis and bacon. It proved hearty eating and met requirements very nicely. I was happy to give it the thumbs up.

So overall, I thought Cafe Caledonia was doing pretty good work. The breakfast roll I had hit the spot and the welcome is warm and friendly. I’d be happy to visit again.

Blythe scores Cafe Caledonia
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 13.5/20

I ate: haggis and bacon roll

I drank: tea

I wore: grey shirt

Total bill: £4.70

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Written by BKR