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In the days before Lunchquest, I did dine out occasionally, but the habit was often “find good place, repeatedly go to place” rather than sample from the full range of options on offer. One such regularly visited place was the Wing Sing Inn, on Dundee Street.

Noted for its extraordinarily wide-ranging menu, such delights as salt & pepper frogs legs, water swamp morning glory (nope – I have not a clue what that might be, either), or pork tripe and intestines soup are all available.

Lamb soup

Lamb soup

I kept things on much more recognisable lines, starting with their hot lamb soup, then following with the salt & pepper squid with fried rice, on the recommendation of the friendly and attentive waitress. Lightly fragrant tea was my drink of choice.

The place offers both takeaway and sit-in, with the restaurant being a good deal smarter than I remember it of old, when it was decidedly basic.



The soup was soon with me with a considerable steaming vapour pouring forth from it. This was packed with a wonderful sesame aroma. The broth was light, nicely sour and packed a good amount of sliced lamb. Some fiery dried red chillis lurked in the deep bringing the required heat. I was pleased with the dish.

A profuse portion of squid followed. The batter was light and bubbly. It encased expertly cooked squid, which was well-seasoned without being overly salty. The rice was very good, too.

So overall, I thought Wing Sing was very good. There is certainly fun to be had experimenting with some of the outlandish options, but well-executed dishes prepared to a high standard are at its core. I’d recommend a visit.

Blythe scores Wing Sing Inn
4/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

I ate: lamb soup; salt and pepper squid

I drank: tea

I wore: black and green

Total bill: £13.30

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Written by BKR