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Having popped in to Hemma to book the next Scran Salon, my eye was caught by the nearby Pizza Express. I fondly remember a highly enjoyable Christmas meal there, a few years ago, and given that I hadn’t visited a chain place for a while, I thought I’d go and renew acquaintances.

The interior is very stylish, with massive ceiling height and glass frontage drawing in all available light. It has the feel of a smart gallery café about it.



I found the place typically quiet for a weekday lunchtime. Service, although friendly, was heavy on the upselling. The waitress also took an inordinate amount of time to deliver a simple jug of tap water. But this aside, it was pleasant and relatively efficient.

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of eggs on pizza so after a quick check through the menu I chose the Fiorentina, which brought together olives, spinach and an egg. I was pleased to be asked if I would like the yolk cooked runny or firm, to which I replied the former.



The pizza was swiftly with me, looking much as expected. The egg yolk was pleasingly runny, but that’s pretty much where the excitement ended. It was a perfectly adequate dish, but was in no danger of setting the heather on fire.

So overall, Pizza Express is doing a solid job and this branch is very smartly appointed. They have a wide and varied menu, but it’s just a bit ordinary. It’s often a good option for bigger parties, so I can see myself visiting again, but when I’m looking for food with a bit of verve about it, I’ll likely go elsewhere.

Blythe scores Pizza Express
3/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3/5 for service
giving an overall 13/20

I ate: pizza Fiorentina

I drank: water

I wore: brown suit

Total bill: £9.65

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Written by BKR