August 20, 2014 Burger, Old Town, Street food 1 Comment

The Festival is a riot of hecticity across the month of August, so it’s nice to have venues that offer a nice balance between calmness and hysteria.



Within sight of the famed James plays at the Festival Theatre is Space at Surgeon’s Hall, which combines a set of theatrical spaces in the Royal College of Surgeons’ conference centre and a courtyard bar with BBQ. I’d visited last year on the final day, so was keen to visit again, this year.

As with my previous visit, I had their halloumi and portobello mushroom burger (£5). Food is paid for at the bar, then cooked to order on the nearby barbecue.



It was a coolish afternoon, so things were as calm as I’d hoped, particularly after a long line of punters had gone in to one of their very popular shows.

My freshly cooked item was soon with me. It looked as impressive as I’d remembered it.

The marinated halloumi was packed with flavour and very nicely toasted, as was the bun. The mushroom gave things a really substantial core making it an entirely satisfying eat.

So overall, the barbecue at Space is doing fine work. If you’re looking for a spot that combines Festival buzz with good grub and freely available seating, this represents a really good option. I enjoyed my visit.

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Written by BKR