As August drew towards a conclusion, I took a morning away from my usual Festival routine to lounge around and enjoy a relaxing late breakfast in Morningside. I’d had the Salt Cafe on my radar for a while so used the opportunity to pay it a visit.



Heavy on wood, slate and metal, the decor is very much on current trend. The design seems perfectly suited to languid and gangly hipsters, but felt a little compact (dare I say cramped) for my tastes. I sat at a narrow table in the front section.

The menu was promptly brought with their day menu, served from 10-4pm, packing a considerable array of treats. I was in breakfast mood, so ordered their full breakfast, which comprised sausages, bacon, haggis, mushrooms, tomatoes, a pair of eggs cooked to order and toast.



This was promptly with me. It looked rather smart and was bedecked with way more greenery than you might expect, which seemed like a potentially good notion.

I was a bit concerned by the look of the scrambled eggs, which aside from being packed with fresh herbs looked overcooked to the point of desiccation. I’m of the “underdone and sloppy” school of thought on scrambled eggs so these were not to my taste, at all.

Similarly, toast drizzled with oil not smeared in butter and streaky bacon that wasn’t crisped didn’t hit the spot.

But the sausages were very good, the mushrooms and tomatoes nicely prepared and the haggis decent. It was accomplished cooking, but I admired it rather than loved it.

I tried their espresso, to finish, and was pleased to see they were using beans from Glasgow roastery Papercup. It was very well prepared, so goes into the exceptional category of Espresso Quest. It was the one absolutely winning aspect of the experience.

So overall, it’s quite tricky to assess a place when it is clear, pretty much from the outset, that its charms are passing you by. I think Salt is very worthy of your attention. It just didn’t strike a chord with me.

Blythe scores Salt
3.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: full breakfast

I drank: water, espresso

I wore: blue

Total bill: £12

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Written by BKR