The folks at Amicus Apple dropped us a line, a couple of months back, as following the refit of their premises they were keen to get views on their new menu.

We’ve been stupidly busy of late, but finally found the ideal opportunity for a visit. We roped in Tony from Zomato, who has recently made the permanent move to our fair city.



As is our current preoccupation, we’ll try to summarise things in the form of a pair of questudes, but I think it’s fair to say that things were rather impressive.

Special thanks go to our highly entertaining waitress Laura and to the other helpful staff members, who were very obliging in turning up the lights on our table to allow for better photos.



Blythe’s Questude Verdict

A stylish and confident décor and menu overhaul.
Graze your way through some tempting sharing choices,
or something more substantial, sir?

For us, rare steak and skewered veggies,
sweet potato fries,
“Famous” dip full of smoky sweetness.

Wonderfully loquacious service from Laura,
Delicious lager from Innis & Gunn.

Time for y’all to revisit and see
the new,
Amicus Apple.

Sweet potato fries

Sweet potato fries

Tony’s Questude Verdict

I’m not long in the Edinburgh tooth, so as an erstwhile Yorkshireman-cum-Londoner reborn in a more northerly land, I was keen as a bean when Lunch Quest suggested Amicus Apple for dinner and a catch-up. Above all else, what stood out? The purplest fillet medallions you could hope for, the lively informality of the atmosphere and service, and, as always, the catch-up. 

Today’s questers were: Tony, Blythe

We ate: beef fillet medallions, blue confit potatoes, beef tea; spring vegetable kebabs with breaded haloumi; sweet potato fries

We drank: Innis & Gunn lager, espresso, water

We wore: evening apparel

Total bill: picked up by the folks at Amicus Apple (bill would have been around £40)

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Written by BKR