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With time against me, on the rush between city centre and Leith offices, my continuing lunchtime adventures took me to Loaded, on Bernard Street.



When Leith was my more regular place of business, Loaded was generally reserved for days when a colossal amount of grub was required for a small cash fee. In plainer language, like Snax looks after us in the city centre, Loaded was the traditional hangover stodge shop.

My week had been entirely abstemious, but upon crossing the threshold the old stodge habit kicked in. To go with my creamy mushroom soup, I ordered a chicken curry pie. And chips. For £3.75, this was an impressive volume of grub. With a cheery farewell from the counter woman, fresh in my ears, I toddled along the road to a suitable rain-free spot, then with verification snaps taken (neither dish was the bonniest in history), I tucked in.



The soup was indeed very creamy. It was also very thin, with the overall effect being somewhat like a mushroom latte. It was more in the territory of drink than substantial soup, but it did the job.

The pie and chips were a little better, with a well-stocked pie with good crisp pastry sitting alongside decent chips. There was a good amount of suitably aromatic flavour to the pie’s filling, making it rather enjoyable.

Pie and chips

Pie and chips

So overall, Loaded is a reliable little place for hearty fare, whether it be to chase away hunger, cold, or the lingering effects of the demon drink. It’s not the most sophisticated place in the world, but what it does it does well, so that’s to be commended.

Blythe scores Loaded
3/5 for food
2.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 12/20

I ate: chicken curry pie and chips

I drank: mushroom soup

I wore: new blue shirt

Total bill: £3.75

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