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Ristorante Luigi, which I think used to known as La Fontana, is one of those little family-run Italian restaurants, that joyfully pepper our city. It’s just next door to the Piano Cafe, on Howard Place.



I was committing a fairly major heresy, by eating an Italian dinner at around 6pm, but I’d eaten only intermittently through the day, so was in need of a substantial eat to get me through the evening.

Aside from the little fountain, as you enter, the place is quite plainly appointed; unfussy might be a good word for it.



Their menu covered all the expected bases. Some of the pricing seemed a little haphazard, but even though their starter melanzane parmigiana was £7.90, for some reason, I still fancied trying it. I followed with a blue cheese and broccoli pizza, hereby maintaining a relatively veggie dominated August.

Service was friendly and quick, which is always a winning combination, for me, particularly during Festival time.



The melanzane was speedily produced, and was of the volcanically hot lava variety. I left it a while to cool, then dived in. It was good without soaring to greatness, but it’s a dish I generally enjoy so was pleased with it.

The pizza was similarly good. It could have used a little more generosity in terms of toppings, as there were relatively few florets on offer, but the base was good and fresh, although may have been just a touch doughy for some tastes.

So overall, I rather liked Luigi’s. It’s not likely to trouble the upper echelons of Edinburgh Italian excellence, but it served my needs very nicely, and the service was very good. When in need of a fast, filling bite, this place will do the job, admirably.

Blythe scores Ristorante Luigi
3/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 13/20

I ate: melanzane alla parmigiana; pizza paesana

I drank: birra Moretti, water

I wore: tweed plus fours

Total bill: £19.65

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Written by BKR