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I was at a bit of loss as to where to partake of lunch, today, so rather aimlessly wandered around the city centre. I soon alighted upon a sign outside Amicus Apple proclaiming “£5 gastrolunch”. This piqued my interest enough for me to wander inside to investigate.

Exterior and sign

I’ve previously reviewed Amicus Apple, not for Lunchquest, but for Social & Cocktail, when my focus was on their drinks menu. The place is quite smart, tends to have the music turned up just an iota or two too loud, and generally lives the life of a busy city centre bar.

It was relatively well-populated for a lunchtime, today, with more than a few folks lured in by this intriguing lunchtime deal.

"Gastrolunch" menu

I ordered some sparkly water and a menu, at the bar, both of which were immediately delivered to the table where I’d chosen to plonk myself down. The £5 menu was augmented with their full a la carte, but it was to the former that I turned my attention.

The selections were risotto, steak and ale stew, pasta of the day, chicken skewers with couscous, and their club sandwich. In many ways it was as Quixotically diverse as the menu at Salvo’s Caffe. I quickly settled upon the stew.


The friendly waitress soon appeared with my dish, which was accompanied by a hearty chunk of ciabatta. It was a wet and saucy stew, so I asked for a spoon to aid me in my munching.

The stew was rather good, with good chunks of tender steak, and soft carrots and potatoes. The rich gravy was packed with beefy flavour; the ciabatta proved to be an excellent tool in mopping it up. As a plate of home-spun winter warmer goodness, it was just what the doctor ordered.

So overall, though I have severe reservations about the term “gastrolunch”, I was quite impressed with what the folks at Amicus Apple delivered. I like the notion of being able to pop in to somewhere like this, get a dish that’s high on flavour and low on complications, to fuel you for the afternoon ahead. In that regard, it’s much like the lunchtime offering at The Rosehip. I’d happily pop back, and would be entirely comfortable with suggesting that you do likewise.


Blythe scores Amicus Apple
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: steak and ale stew

I drank: sparkly water

I wore: blue shirt

Total bill: £6.90

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Written by BKR