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After a busy evening tasting tea at the wonderful Pekoe Tea, I toddled homewards with a vague rumbling in my belly. To assuage it, I popped in to the Prince of India, which rather close to my abode.


The place is much lighter and brighter than your average Indian place, with an emphasis on simple whites and creams. It all looks quite smart.

The welcome was warm, and I was immediately seated at a window table, and left to ponder the menu. This took a bit of consideration, as next to the usual dishes you’d expect are a number of house specials. Most of their specials come with suggested side dishes, so a fair amount of flipping around the menu was required, before my final decisions were made. The waiter brought me some lager to aid these reflections.

Prawn puri

Soon enough, I settled upon a starter of prawn pathia puri (I opted for “small” prawns rather than king prawns), to be followed by handi fish dupiaza accompanied by saag panir (spinach and cheese). I eschewed naan or rice, as these dishes struck me as likely to provide more than enough nourishment.

The puri arrived promptly and was truly stuffed with a profusion of tiny, sweet prawns in a nicely green chilli infused sauce. The puri itself could have been a little more elegant, but the filling was really good.

Handi fish dupiaza

The main course wasn’t quite so successful. The fish in the dupiaza had quite the battered chip shop quality about it, but the flesh wasn’t quite as meaty as it could have been. This meant that the dish was all softness, where a little firmness of texture would have worked better. The saag panir was alright, but a little lacking in anything beyond lightly spicy heat, in terms of flavour.

I was fit to burst, so was extremely glad I hadn’t wasted my time with rice or naan, as they would have gone largely untouched.

Saag panir

Overall, I was quite pleased with the Prince of India. Although the dishes weren’t the bonniest, everything was above average, and the service was very good, polite and accurate. I’d happily pop back, and have a feeling I’ll be sticking my head around their door for Friday night takeout, before long.

Blythe scores the Prince of India
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: prawn pathia puri; handi fish dupiaza; saag panir

I drank: lager

I wore: Magee suit

Total bill: £23.60

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Written by BKR