The Little Inn

Much in the style of Wee Bite, the Little Inn is a tiny wee sandwich shop, just next to the castle, on Johnston Terrace.


I stopped off there after playing a peripheral role in a “tachemob” that was convened to celebrate Robert Louis Stevenson day. Basically, it was a thinly veiled excuse for MJ and a band of her merry friends to don moustaches for a little lunchtime historical Movembering, while reading a few lines from Stevenson’s work. What a brilliant idea, I say!

My presence was required on the other side of the city, once the initial mobbing had taken place, so I popped in to the Inn on my way towards the relevant bus stop.


Soup of the day was tomato and basil. To accompany that, I chose a hummus, cheddar and salad baguette from their chiller cabinet.

I was eating on the move, so the soup had to be first. It proved to be very good indeed. Tomato and basil is scarcely my favourite, but this was a really lovely rendition of it. Texture was velvety, and sweetness was suitably restrained, with nice notes of herby goodness.


The baguette wasn’t so satisfying, as the moisture from the tomato and cucumber had made the roll rather too soggy. It was generously filled, though, so as an instrument of hunger relief it was crudely effective.

So, I had something of a mixed bag from the Little Inn. I’m always generally pleased with places that do good soup, though, so I wouldn’t rule out a return visit. There are, however, places very likely to offer you better sandwich options.

Blythe scores the Little Inn
3.5/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 13/20

Today’s quester was: Blythe

I ate: tomato and basil soup; hummus, cheddar and salad roll

I drank: nowt

I wore: Geoffrey Beene tie

Total bill: £4.70

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  1. Gabija says:

    Cheap and cheerful is what this place is all about, the Little Inn is a tiny wee sandwich shop situated at the top of the Royal Mile, just next to the Edinburgh castle. The Little Inn is always popular spot for the tourist and a great place to pop in for a drinks and snacks, it’s been already eight years since The Little Inn was open, on March 26th we always celebrating that day with our lovely customers and our staffs. The Little Inn is very small inside so when it gets busy, which it frequently does, it can fell pretty cramped and crowded, but there is always a lively and friendly atmosphere as the staff are incredibly warm and inviting.
    The Little Inn selling delicious coffee-based products and other non-coffee-based, there serve fresh sandwiches with a difference, toasted paninis, pastries, juices ,cold drinks, smoothies, they also make the yummiest freshly made flavored milkshakes, always fresh salad, morning rolls, home made soups. The Little Inn a really cute wee cafe shop also great value for money and serves the most delicious tasty food.

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