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We had a concentrated burst of Thai food, earlier this year, but since then, aside from a return trip to Time 4 Thai, I don’t think we’ve visited a single Thai place. So it was with long-overdue relish that I headed towards Thai Orchid, on Johnston Terrace.

Sarah's starter

After a high-speed dash across town, which concluded by meeting my lunching companion for the day, Sarah, just outside Deacon Brodie’s, we headed towards our destination. Sarah had previously quested to Grill 48 and Illegal Jack’s, so knew all about the joys of questing.

At lunchtime, you can choose from their full a la carte, and they also offer a lunchtime menu, with three courses for £8.95. We both opted to stick with the latter, as it offered a decent range of choices.

Goong gong

Sarah opened with some deep-fried stuffed parcels, which looked much like samosas. They were proclaimed to be very good, with a suitable kick to the accompanying sweet chilli dipping sauce.

My starter of goong gong, were little fried bags of vegetable goodness. The casing was suitably crisp and the vegetables appropriately soft and fresh, but the dish didn’t really set my world alight.


Sarah’s main was a simple dish of Thai-style chicken, served with rice. This time, a little more kick to the sauce would have been nice, but the pieces of chicken were soft and beautifully prepared.

My fried bean curd, served with vegetables, some fearsomely hot chilli pieces, and rice was again rather good without setting my pulse racing, aside from when I flamed my mouth by biting through an unexpected chilli. The bean curd was a touchy greasy, too.

Fried bean curd

Good coffee rounded out what had been a very enjoyable lunch, and one that offered decent value.

Overall, I liked Thai Orchid more than I loved it. The dishes were above average, but didn’t quite make to the level of being particularly memorable. As sometimes happens, I ate an entirely vegetarian lunch, but it was all fried stuff, so I’m not sure that these are dishes that would appeal to those on healthy eating regimens. I’d happily go back, but I don’t think I’ll be beating a path to their door with any particular vigour.


Blythe scores Thai Orchid
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

Today’s questers were: Sarah, Blythe

We ate: goong gong, deep fried stuffed parcels, Thai style chicken and rice, fried bean curd with rice (from the ever changing Business Lunch menu – £8.95 for three courses)

We drank: house white, sparkly water, coffees

We wore: stylish work-wear

Total bill: c.£23.50

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Written by BKR